P3 Fitness Temecula Reviews

  • Bob K., P3 Fitness Temecula Testimonials

    Amazing place - Temecula’s finest

    Bob K.
  • Nancy T, P3 Fitness Temecula Testimonials

    I love the quick HIIT training session in such a supportive atmosphere, P3 is a gem!

    Nancy T
  • Tracey N., P3 Fitness Temecula Testimonials

    I hate the gym and the boring treadmill, P3 Fitness is fast and effective! I love all the trainers! Thanks Priscilla

    Tracey N.
  • Jody S., P3 Fitness Temecula Testimonials

    Most welcoming...encouraging space to strengthen your body & spirit! The trainers All exude love...a renewing place to grow and connect. I'm honored to be the newbie in the P3 family!

    Jody S.
  • Kelley B., P3 Fitness Temecula Testimonials

    Priscilla and her trainers are the best with their very warm and personal style ~ I look forward to my workouts every week! 30 minutes of the HIIT is just what I need to stay in shape and feel great!

    Kelley B.
  • Lucy P., P3 Fitness Temecula Testimonials

    P3 is the best gym in town I love all the support and encouragement we get from our trainers and all the members. Everyone is so awesome and welcoming. I used to hate working out because of P3 I have gotten so much stronger and slowly but surely reaching my goal weight.

    Lucy P.
  • Elaine W., P3 Fitness Temecula Testimonials

    Best gym in town! So excited the workouts at P3 got me to my goal weight quickly! It is like a family...once you join you make a large group of friends that support you and encourage you. There are many unique and fun challenges to keep you on track and having fun. This isn't just a gym or a workout but a place to belong.

    Elaine W.
  • Kerry C., P3 Fitness Temecula Testimonials

    Most efficient HIIT workout supported by loving and proficient trainers. If you want to see results, p3 is where you want to be.

    Kerry C.
  • Dr. Moadab, P3 Fitness Temecula Testimonials

    I love the 30 min work outs, the community of working alongside others who give you a high five, or the verbal encouragement to push through. I've competed in body building and can see that these workouts can get me there again.

    Dr. Moadab
  • Tracey T., P3 Fitness Temecula Testimonials

    The Best Fitness experience in the city. It is a boutique gym with a personal trainer there for you multiple times a day. Check it out ladies!!!!

    Tracey T.
  • P3 is an amazing and supportive environment. It is an amazing work out, fun and challenging. Half an hour flies by, such a great start to the day.

    Barbara B.

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