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Becoming a personal trainer at the age of 52 was a huge turning point for me. As the mother of three almost grown children, deciding to being a career outside the home again was an exciting life step. With my family's support, I wanted a career that would focus on my primary passions...fitness, health, nutrition and people. the idea of being able to share these passions is what fueled me to achieve the completion of my training. I have spent most of my life in and around gyms, first as an athlete and then as an adult fitness enthusiast. In addition to my certification, I bring a knowledge of real life experience and an understanding of how capable a middle-aged body can be if you use it. My goal is to inspire women and men to challenge themselves, explore what their bodies can do, and watch their confidence grow as they become stronger and more fit. My clients can always trust that I will provide them with a thorough, full body workout in a positive, non-intimidating environment. I consider it a privilege and joy to be able to support and motivate someone on their journey towards increased fitness and better health. Joining the team at P3 Fitness is really like joining a family, and it has given me the opportunity to fulfill my Passion, Purpose and Plan. I look forward to sharing my joy and knowledge with all of my new friends as we work together to reach your personal goals!

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