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Transform Your Body In Just 2 Weeks! 

Group Fitness Temecula

Frustrated with the slow pace of traditional workout routines? Jumpstart your training today and see real results fast with our 14 Day Fat Burner Challenge at P3 Fitness in Temecula. 

This revolutionary system will help you:

  • Burn Fat
  • Build Muscle
  • And Transform Your Body In Just 2 Weeks!  

So How Does It Work?

The 14 Day Fat Burner Challenge isn't just another gimmick diet or starvation program.

Our trained instructors at P3 Fitness have come together to offer you a truly transformative program that will change the way you train forever.

For just $67, you can enjoy:

  • A goal-setting session with a trained professional
  • A total-body analysis
  • Comprehensive nutrition and supplementation support
  • Unlimited workouts in our cutting-edge facility with a certified personal trainer by your side

Get Started Now With The 14 Day Fat Burner Challenge! 

This intro offer is open to new clients only - and it won't last forever. Get started today and see results like you never thought possible

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