Weekly P3 Homework

Happy Monday Fitness Family!

Here is our weekly P3 homework! You will be completing three sets of the following:

  • Plié squats 45 seconds.- The plié squats will be working your inner thighs and you want to try to be as low as you can but keeping your chest up no slouching over.
  • Toe Taps 45 seconds- for the toe taps this is just to get your cardio up I want to bring that heart rate up to want you to enter that fat burning zone find something you can with your toe up onto and just kind of job around that item. Don't forget to use your arms and pump them don't just let them hang by your side.
  • Booty Lifts 25 reps- this is the only exercise where you will be counting wraps. For the booty left your gonna be laying flat on your back you're going to have your knees up and you're going to lift your hips up as high up to the ceiling as you can hold it for a second and then slowly bring it back down.
  • Plank Toe Taps 45 seconds- last but not least the plank toe taps. Starting in a high plank position you will lift your booty up and bring your hand to your opposite toe and then come forward back into that standing plank, then repeat on the other side.

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